Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Kobe Liquor Wholesale Corporation
(In Japanese, called “Kobe Shurui Hanbai CO., LTD./神戸酒類販売株式会社”)
Location (Main distribution center is below address.)
3-19-7 Yasakadai Suma Kobe Hyogo 654-0161 Japan
Google MAP
Tel (+81)-78-795-0410
Capital JPY 50,000,000- (as of March,31,2020)
Establishment 1894
Chairman: Noriaki Takata Ⅳ(Alma Mater:Keio University)
President: Kazuko Takata(Alma Mater:Keio University)
Senior Managing Director: Yasuhiro Takata Ⅴ
(Alma Mater:University of Tokyo)
Managing Director: Masato Matsumoto
  • headquarter-building
  • Headquarter / Main distribution center
    Main distribution center
  • Warehouse (inside 1)
    Warehouse (inside 1)


Main business Service (Inside Japan)
・Wholesale business(Alcoholic drink/Beverage drink/Food/Seasoning)
・Real estate business
・Following above business

(Outside Japan)
・Export business(Alcoholic drink/Beverage drink/Food/Seasoning)
Details of Export business We are licensed wholesaler in Japan since 1894.
Since then, we have made strong and good relationship with customers.

Here is the main company list below, we have direct account in Japan.
(PDF: List)

We can mainly offer
1. Alcoholic drink (Sake, Shochu, Beer, Japanese Whisky, Wine, Liquor)
2. Beverage drink (fruit juice, coffee, water etc.)
3. Foods and Seasoning goods (vinegar, soy sauce etc.)

We can arrange your request and export goods from small lots to large lots.
  • Delivery truck
    Delivery truck
  • View of Kobe
    View of Kobe
  • 100th_Year_Ceremony_Party_@1994
    100th Year Ceremony Party

Sake / Shochu Catalog

SAKE (日本酒) List (All Season available SAKE)

Password required. Please e-mail us for more details.

SHOCHU (焼酎) List (All Season available SHOCHU)

NIKAIDO Shuzo (二階堂酒造)
※ Mugi (Barley麦 焼酎)

Password required. Please e-mail us for more details.

Mugi (Barley麦 焼酎) ・ Potato (芋焼酎) ・
Rice (米焼酎) ・ Brown Sugar (黒糖焼酎)

Password required. Please e-mail us for more details.

Exporting Countries (record)

Below is our exporting country’s record.
We are willing to accept new offers from you!!

Asia:Cambodia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
Europe:Belgium, France, Netherlands, U.K., Germany
Oceania:Australia, New Zealand, Guam
North/South America:Brazil
  • Delivery truck
    Delivery truck
  • Warehouse_Refrigerator
    Warehouse (Refrigerator)
  • Warehouse (inside 2)
    Warehouse (inside 2)

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

I check the company list, and can you arrange all the goods?
It depends on your country. Before exporting, we need to confirm the permission from manufacturing companies. Some companies have already made their own export contract in your country. Other companies have no export policy…. So please ask us for details of your request, and we will follow your request and check each availabilities.
Can you arrange personal home export service?
(Ex. Export and deliver goods to each home address.)
If you have alcoholic import license → Yes, we can arrange.
If you don’t have alcoholic import license → Unfortunately No.


For more inquiries, please contact below address, and we will reply as soon as possible.


Attn. Yasuhiro Takata (Mr.)

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  • 神戸酒類販売-トラック